about barrefit bcn

Barrefit Bcn is Barcelona’s first and only barre studio. Our mission is to enable people to reach their full health potential in a fun and original way. The boutique studio was founded by Sidonie, a Canadian yoga teacher, barre teacher and personal trainer. For many years Sidonie suffered from back pain due to scoliosis, and thanks to the barre method she has found relief from chronic pain. In 2019 she decided to quit her office job and share the barre method with others to help people reconnect with their bodies. The Barrefit Bcn barre method is a blend of pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. Sidonie was trained as a barre instructor in North America’s leading barre teacher training program by BarreWorks Toronto. Sidonie is available for private events and can lead workshops in Spanish, French and English.

“When I quit my job in the fall of 2019 and set out to open Barrefit, I envisioned a location right above Plaça Universitat. After seeing dozens of commercial spaces all over town, in early 2020 we found this run-down space with no electricity or water, crumbling walls and no floor… it wasn’t what we had imagined, but we instantly fell in love with the natural light and potential it had to offer. Oh, and it was exactly where we had imagined the studio to be. After months of construction, too many unexpected bills, complications and delays due to Covid19, we are thrilled to share this space as a place for community, inclusivity, health and creativity.

This project would not have been possible without the encouragement of my friends and the generosity of my family. A special thank you to my partner Dani, who made my dream come true and without whom the studio would not exist. Thank you to Paul Bonder and Leni Calosing for your continuous support and for sharing your experience with me. Thank you to Marc Correa for your academic guidance and for believing in my entrepreneurial skills. Thank you to my girlfriends (and their boyfriends!) who showed up to my Zoom classes during the quarantine, you kept me sane.

Thank you to every one in the future who will fill the studio with love and light. <3″




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