Cancelation policy is a minimum of 8 hours before class to get a class credit. Less than 8 hours class is not refunded.

class information - all levels welcome!

What do I need for a barre class?

You will need to wear comfortable workout clothes, a bottle of water and a small towel. Barre classes are a barefoot activity, feel free to wear pilates socks! All the workout material is available in the studio, however if you prefer to bring your own yoga mat you are welcome to do so.

What are the studio rules?

You must arrive 10 minutes before class starts! If you need to change, arrive earlier. If you are dropping in for the first time, arrive earlier, so you have time to tell us about any important health information. Once class has started, late arrival is not permitted and no refunds will be issued. Leaving the class before the end is not permitted for your own safety. If you have an urgent matter please tell the instructor before class starts. Racism, sexism, theft and vandalism will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Barrefit Bcn reserves the right to ban anyone who is disrespectful towards another member of our community or our staff.

Is barre a suitable exercise for everyone? What if I have an illness/injury? What if I am pregnant or have recently given birth?

Yes! Barre is great workout for people of all ages and is open to all fitness levels. The studio must be made aware of any illness or injury beforehand and you must be cleared by a doctor. If you suffer from any chronic pain, experience discomfort in certain positions, let the class instructor know so they can offer modifications in class. Barre is a completely safe pre-natal activity. If you are pregnant, just let the instructor know so they can show you how to modify certain moves and positions to ensure yours and your baby’s safety. Barre is also a great post-natal exercise to get you back in shape; you must be cleared by your doctor and let the instructor know.